Friday, July 29, 2011

More summer camp updates (check below for earlier ones)

Also don't forget to have your swimsuitand a towel handy (not packed in footlocker) for the swim test.

New scouts should have a day pack for their overnighter, camp will supply tents

Important Summer Camp info

Friday from 4-5: Trailer set up at Parish Hall!

Don't forget $9.00 if you want the Troop formal photo (Don't forget your hat with your uniform for the photo)

If you are doing the Challenge Valley obstacle course, bring clothes you don't care about (they won't be wearable after the course)

If you are doing the swimming merit badge, bring a pair of long pants and a long sleeve shirt NO pockets (Not sure about that, ask Mr. Lamoureux.

Footlocker Drop-off at Mr Lamoureux's (88 Chadderton Way, off Plymouth St, south of the Church on the Green (towards Carver) on Saturday between Note dropoff time is NOW 10-1 (not 9-1)

Medical forms if you didn't have them already

Leaving from the Parish Hall Sunday at 10am sharp! Class A uniforms please!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Eagle squeaker!

Just FYI, Derek did make it in time with his project and papers. He wants to thank everybody for their help!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Camp news

Please drop off footlockers at Mr. Lamoureux's on Saturday between 9am and 1pm
Also, if you still owe medical forms, have them with you. No form, no camp!
Leaving the Parish hall Sunday at 10am Sunday!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I know its the middle of summer, but you guys are great! Derek's project is progressing nicely. He's still got more to do, so keep helping whenever you can.
and the Middleboro Historical Association (not society) also is in debt to all of you who showed up today too! Between the Scouts, leaders and parents, we kept the kids happy and busy and helped them break down the tents .
Make sure you record those service hours!

Sunday (sundae) help

Jimmy and I will be there around 10am, so if you get there earlier, just ask for Cynthia McNair or Dorothy Thayer and tell them your with the scouts and here to help!
thanks again

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More service time, help needed!

Besides the work for Derek (scroll down for the info on that), we have been contacted for this: (remember, Derek's project comes first if you can only do one)

This is also for any family members who wish to help:
The Middleboro Historical Society (where Jimmy did his Eagle project) has asked for help for their annual Ice Cream Sundae fundraiser. The set up is at 9am Sunday (July 17th) morning at the museum complex (Behind Police Station)(Putting up tents, decorations etc.)
Then later , during the event (2-4) they could use a few volunteers to help sell tickets, face paint, run kids games.
(Free ice cream for volunteers)
After 4 they will need help breaking down.
Contact Mike McKeon ASAP if think you can help or for info. This is their big event for the year and any help would be greatly appreciated! Jimmy and I will be helping, and I will be doing twisty balloons during the event. Hope to see you there!