Thursday, June 27, 2013

Justin Makes Eagle

Justin and his mom
Justin was awarded his Eagle Badge tonight.
Formal Ceremony coming soon!!!!
Congratulations we are all very proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help Needed

The Middleboro Historical Association has once again asked if our Troop can assist them with their annual Ice Cream Sundae Social Fundraiser. It will be on Sunday, July 21st at the museum grounds (next to Pierce Playground) They will need help at the beginning to set up tents, tables and chairs, later druing the event to help with games with the kids, and then finally afterwards to help break down. You can help at just one of those times or all 3 if you're able. I don't have the exact times yet, but probably set up will be early, the event goes on in the afternoon. Please, I would like to see some new faces helping this year, since we have so many new scouts!

I will be thee doing twisty balloons, but will be bringing some games for the kids. Any scout (or family members as well!) who can help please contact me directly at 508-496-8654. Thanks in advance, and I believe those who help can get a free sundae.
Sincerely, Mike McKeon
ASM Troop 20

Meeting tonight UPDATED

Tonight's meeting will be very short.
 Parents please feel free to stay.
     On the agenda are two items:
  1.  Finishing up items for summer camp
  2. Cape Cod bike trip info

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last Meeting Tomorrow

Scoutmaster Lamoureux has asked that scouts wear their Class B uniforms to tomorrow's meeting.

Please remember to bring bikes and helmets!!!!!

Enjoy the last day of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cape Cod Bike Trip

Thursday - Bike & Helmet Drop-Off at 7PM - Parish Hall.

Friday - 5PM departure from Parish Hall.  Don't be LATE!!

Sunday arrival time will be dependent on traffic....the plan is to leave cape by 8:30 & arrive in town by 10:00.

Mrs. Melchin has offered to text parents with updates on arrival times...PLEASE make sure that you give Mrs. Melchin your parents cell number so that she can update them.

Have a great LAST week at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meeting Thursday

Summer Camp
  • For those scouts attending summer camp you will need to be at Thursdays meeting in order to select your merit badge courses.
  • Mr. B NEEDS current 2013 med forms!!! If he does not have them you will not be able to attend camp.
Cape Cod Bike Trip
  • For those scouts going on the bike trip on the 28th-30th you will need to be at Thursdays meeting in order to plan the bike trip.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Please Read

  • From Scoutmaster Lamoureux
    • Happy Father's Day to all the Dads!!!
    • Thank you for all that you do!!!!

  • Great Court of Honor last night. We are all very proud of your accomplishments!! You too should be proud of how hard you have worked this year.

  • The bike preparation trip has been canceled for this weekend.  Look for more information at the final scout meeting on Thursday.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

COH this Thursday

Court of Honor this Thursday
  • Scout arrival time is 6:30
  • Awards to begin at 7PM
Last call for camp medical forms please use the link below to access the forms
Medical Forms

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Last Call For Blue Cards and Advancements

Please be sure you have given all your signed blue merit badge cards and your book to Mrs. Melchin if you are expecting an advancement or badges at next week's Court of Honor.  She will have a list of what everyone will be receiving, and will double check with all scouts who are present at the meeting to see if it is correct.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Congratulations OA Members

Our Camping Role Model

Our Camping role model of what to do after a great Campout

As you can see from the photo Connor has built the tent at home to allow it to dry out after the Campout
While doing so he has also checked
- to make sure the were no rips or tears in the tent or fly
- all the poles were in good shape with no broken ends or snapped elastics
- all the zippers on the tent doors and windows were in proper working order
- he had all the tent pegs (how many are needed will be the Court of Honor question)
- the tent bag, pole bag, and tent peg bags all had the same tent identification number as the tent
- all the leaves, pine needles and dirt were removed from the interior of the tent
Any problems he would have noted on paper and placed in the top of the tent bag to be brought to the troop meeting the following Thursday along with the dry and properly folded ground cloth.
The Quartermaster will keep a record of any repairs need from this information so no scout goes on a campout with a broken tent.
These simple steps will keep our Camping gear in Tip Top shape and help the Quartermaster do his job.