Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Message from your Scoutmaster

Have a  happy and safe Thanksgiving, no oven fires please!
From your scoutmaster, Mr. Lamoureux

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Parade and Popcorn

Middleboro Veteran's Day parade:  Arrive at or before 1:30pm this Sunday at the town hall parking lot.  Parade steps off at 2.  Dress appropriately.  Let's get those Class A's in order for this event.  Would like a good showing of scouts to honor our veterans.

Popcorn:  For those of you who didn't sell any, or who would like to sell some more.  Troop 20 has some bags that we reserved for our Show and Sell events, but didn't sell.  At this time, we can't return them.  Please consider purchasing or selling them to raise additional funds for the troop.
As of tonight we have:
1-Chocolate Triple Delight $18ea
1-Cheddar Cheese $15ea
6-Popping Corn kernals $10ea
3-Caramel Corn $10ea
10-Microwave Unbelievable Butter (individual packs) $1ea
2-Microwave Butter Light (individual packs) $1ea

Let Mrs Wilbur know which ones you or your customer would like to buy.
First come first served

Friday, November 2, 2012

Blue Hills weekend postponed!

Need to pick another date, this weekend didn't work for most scouts.
Stay Tuned...