Tuesday, August 15, 2017

An Eagle Scouts Dreams Come True!

Troop 20 would like to extend our congratulations to Eagle Scout Mitchell Lamoureux and his family!.  Mitchell recently completed the USAF Basic Military Training program and is now known as United States Air Force Airman Mitchell P. Lamoureux!  We are all very proud of your achievement!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Troop 20 Planning Meeting - Sunday, August 20th at 3:00pm

Hello Troop 20!

We hope you are all having a great summer!  So many of our Scouts have been busy this summer attending the National Jamboree in West Virginia, followed by summer camp at Camp Squanto!  It's been terrific to see the Scouts so active and having some amazing life experiences!

A few Committee members and Leaders of Troop 20 have been busy with some preliminary discussions about the upcoming scout year and it's now time to have an official meeting to nail down some details for events and to decide how the Troop wants to proceed on a few items.  We're working on an agenda for a few select items but we also welcome and need your input!!  So with that in mind, there will be a Troop 20 Planning Meeting on Sunday, August 20th, beginning at 3:00pm at Sherri & Mark's house, 82 Miller Street, Middleboro, MA.  Please note that this meeting is for Troop 20 adult committee members, Leaders, and Parents.  Please do not bring your Scout(s) to this meeting.  There are a few items that need to be ironed out by the adults involved with the Troop, before we have discussions with the Scouts.  These items include, but are not limited to:
  • Election Process for Senior Patrol Leader
  • Fundraising
  • Status of Pack 20
  • Potential feasibility of trips
If you have items that you want to bring up but are unable to attend this meeting, please send them via email to either Sherri Swindle or Mark Swindle and they will make sure they get brought up at the meeting.

Thank you in advance for your continued participation and support of Troop 20 and we hope to see you on the 20th!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cape Cod Canal Bike RIde - Sunday, August 20th - 9:00am

Hello Troop 20!  Well, August is upon us and if you can believe it, September is right around the corner.  In no time, we will be starting up our regular Troop Meetings again and getting back into the swing of things, working on rank advancements, merit badges, planning camping trips, etc.  There will be more info about all of that in the coming weeks so stay tuned to the blog.  But in the meantime, there's still more summer left! let's get together for a ride at the canal!

Weather permitting, we will be meeting in our usual spot, in the parking lot near the Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge, on the mainland side, at 9:00am and we'll plan to head out around 9:30am.

We will ride all the way to Scusset Beach (about 7 miles), stop for a quick break, then head back.  Plan for the ride to take around an hour and half, so we should be back around 11:00am.  We encourage adults/parents to join us, just remember that to ride with the troop, you'll need a bicycle helmet as well.

It's been a while since our last ride so as a reminder.....Scouts should have with them (at a minimum):
  1. A bicycle helmet
  2. Full water bottles for their bikes
  3. A day pack with sunscreen and bug spray
  4. Snacks
It will be nice to reconnect with the Scouts after being away for the summer break so we hope to see lots of familiar faces there!  As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to Mr. Pierce or Mr. Swindle and we'll be happy to help in any way we can.

Be sure to keep an eye on the blog as we get closer for any updates or unplanned cancellations.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Summer Camp Updates - August 2, 2017

Hello Troop 20 campers!  We hope everyone is getting excited about summer camp coming up in just days and wanted to pass along some important information.

Camp Squanto - Myles Standish State Forest
200 Cuttersfield Rd., Plymouth, MA

1)  If you have never been to Camp Squanto, the camp is a ways into the state forest so don't be alarmed if you feel like you've been driving a while once in Myles Standish.  You'll get there.
2)  The signage inside Myles Standish is really good once you enter the forest so be sure to follow the signs!

Camp Dates:      Sunday, 6-Aug-2017 thru Saturday, 12-Aug-2017 (Week #6)
Camp Site:         Comanche
Drop-off time on Sunday:  Plan to arrive at camp for 1:00pm.  Gear should be dropped at the Comanche site staging area.
Pickup time on Saturday:  Plan to arrive at camp no later than 9:15am.  Closing ceremony in the parade field at 9:30am.

Cell Phones:     If your scout would like to bring his cell phone to use for taking pictures or at night during troop time, that is acceptable.  However, cell phone etiquette will be enforced.  Scouts should not be using their phones to text or play games during day-time activities.  If we learn that there is a problem, the leaders may confiscate the scouts phone and return it for use at night.

Also, they should have their own means of charging their phone.


  1. There are two Merit Badges that require the scouts to have cash with them to purchase needed supplies for the badge.
    1. Leatherworks:  Scouts need to have $6-$8 with them to purchase leatherworking kits.
    2. Robotics:  Scouts need to have $10-$40 with them to purchase needed supplies
  2. If your scout will be bringing medications, you MUST adhere to these rules:
    1. For any Over The Counter (OTC) medications, they must be in new, unopened packages.
    2. For any prescription medications, they must be in the original script bottle and the label must be legible.
    3. For any child that uses an inhaler, the scout will keep that with him.  If you wish to bring an extra for the camp doctor to hold onto, that is your option but it is not required.
    4. For any child that uses any type of 'pen' (EpiPen, etc.), these will be kept with the scouts and a second can be kept with a leader or responsible buddy.  The camp health lodge also keeps an adequate stock of 'pens' for emergencies.
  3. Please make sure your scout has at least one refillable/reusable water bottle with them!

  • For any parents that want to visit on Wednesday evening, we suggest you arrive after dinner (7:00pm).  The Comanche Relay event will start around 7:30pm.
  • Troop photo's will be taken on Monday the 7th.
  • Scouts should have Class A uniforms with them.  These are required.
  • Scouts should arrive wearing their swimsuits and have towels with them in their daypacks.  Immediately after medical check-in at the dining hall, the troop will head to the waterfront for the scouts swim test.
  • If you have a scout with any dietary restrictions, please notify Mrs. Swindle no later than Friday, August 4th.
  • The Dining Hall is a 'Nut Free' zone to protect against nut allergies.  For any scouts that may not like the meal being served, there is a supply of Sun Butter (nut free substitute for peanut butter) and bread for them to make a sandwich.
  • The Trading Post and camp sites are NOT nut free zones.
  • Parents should enter the Camp Squanto main number in their cell phones so that if a call comes from Camp, they will recognize it and answer without assuming it's a telemarketer or robo-call.  The main number is 508-224-2010.
  • For any calls with concerns about your scout while they are at camp, please call Mrs. Swindle at 508-930-4889.
  • Camp Squanto has a Trading Post with various items for sale.  It is at your discretion as to how much spending money, if any, you would like to send with your scout.
  • Please make sure that your scout understands how to secure his valuables, including money.  All footlockers should have a combination lock (NOT a key lock - to avoid lost keys) that the scout can easily access and they should keep their foot locker LOCKED, during the day while they are away from the camp site.
  • Lastly, ALL scouts should bring their BSA handbook as there may be opportunities to have items signed off in their books during the week.
We hope all scouts are excited for camp and the leaders look forward to seeing everyone this coming weekend!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Summer Camp Informational Meeting - Sunday, July 30

Hello Troop 20!  For any scouts going to summer camp this year, there will be a summer camp review meeting on Sunday, July 30th at Mr. & Mrs. Swindle's house from 2-4pm.  The meeting is not mandatory but if people have questions about what to bring, how things work, etc., the Swindle's are available to answer questions.  If you have questions but cannot make this time, please feel free to call or email Mrs. Swindle. (508.930.4889)

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Popcorn Campaign 2017

Hello Troop 20!  We hope everyone is having a great summer!

It's getting to be that time of the year when we need to start thinking about Popcorn Sales!  To help get things rolling, there will be a Kids Kickoff on August 17th.  Please see the Kids Kickoff Flyer for details.

If anyone will be attending the event, please RSVP to Robin MacDonald at by August 9, 2017 with the number of people that will be attending.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

In Need of Adult Leaders for Summer Camp

Hello Troop 20!

This years Summer Camp will be at Camp Squanto August 6 - 12. 
We are reaching out to any adult leaders and parents in the Troop who may be able to assist with leadership at this years summer camp.

We are required to have 2 adult leaders with the Scouts and currently, we are in need of adults Tuesday 8/8, Wednesday 8/9, and Thursday 8/10 for Daytime and Overnight leadership.

If you can help, please contact Mark Swindle or Larry Pierce ASAP.  If we are unable to get the leaders we need, we will have to work with the camp to place our scouts among other troops.

Thank You!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Troop 20's Newest Eagle Scouts

Hello Troop 20!

We would like to introduce everyone to our Troop's newest Eagle Scouts who received their Eagle Awards this past Wednesday at the Northeast Service Area's Court of Honor.

Congratulations to Ryan Grady, Julian Cassady, and Alex Cassady!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

End of Year Court of Honor and Eagle Court of Honor - Thursday, June 22, 7:00 - 9:00pm / Setup at 6:15pm. Middleborough Town Hall Ballroom

Hello Troop 20!

This Thursday, June 22nd, will be Troop 20's end of year Court of Honor to recognize those Scouts who have earned additional merit badges and who have earned their next rank advancement.  All Scouts and their families should be in attendance.  The Court of Honor will start promptly at 7:00pm and all Scouts are to be dressed in full Class A uniforms.  Please remember that full Class A includes your uniform shirt with all patches correctly placed, the Troop neckerchief and slide or an appropriate bolo, Troop hat, and merit badge sash if you have one.  Shirts are to be tucked in with every Scout looking their best!

Immediately following the Troop Court of Honor, we will be holding an Eagle Court of Honor, to recognize Ryan Grady's Eagle Scout Award.  This is a wonderful opportunity for Scouts and their guests to witness the awarding of the Eagle Scout Rank and to be part of this very special accomplishment by one of Troop 20's Scouts.  Refreshments will be served after.

We are asking that all Scouts please be at the Town Hall for 6:15pm to help with setup.  Please enter via the rear doors of the hall.

For our Scouts working on the backpacking and mountain biking merit badges, Mr. Devine needs 10 minutes of your time around 6:30pm to cover activities that will be taking place over the summer for these badges.  Please be respectful of his time and make sure you are there for 6:30!

The Leadership of Troop 20 look forward to seeing all of our Scouts at our end of year Court of Honor to close out the year on a high note!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Troop Meeting this Thurday, June 15th, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall - 7:00pm

Hello Troop 20!  We hope everyone has had a terrific week.  Our blog update is going out a little late (OK, its going out VERY late) this week but sometimes these things happen!
This weeks announcements are brief, so here we go:

1)  Cape Cod Canal Bike Ride - A number of Scouts came out this past Sunday to ride the canal.  The weather was great, save for a wicked headwind on the return trip, and we had a great time.  Thank you to everyone who participated!  We'll be trying to setup more rides in the near future so come out and join us when you can!

2)  Nantucket - Participants should have received an information sheet at last week's Troop meeting.  If you did not, we'll have more at this weeks meeting so please be sure to see your SPL or ASPL if you need a copy.
  • We are asking all Nantucket participants to please be at the church hall, with your bicycle (only your bicycle is needed), for 6:30pm on Thursday evening so that we can get it loaded onto the transport vehicle.
  • Keep an eye on the weather.  We may be in for a few showers Saturday morning and temps will be on the cooler side so please bring rain gear and appropriate clothing!
If anything else comes to our attention that you need to be aware of, we'll post an update.  Otherwise, we hope to see everyone at the Troop meeting tonight!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Cape Cod Canal Bike Ride this Sunday, June 11 - 1:30pm

Hello Troop 20!  We're in for some fantastic weather this weekend and summer weather means it's time to dust off those bikes and head to the canal for a great ride!  This is also the shakedown ride for everyone heading to Nantucket with us next weekend.  This is a great opportunity to ensure both you and your bicycle are ready for the ride ahead.

We will be meeting in the parking lot near the Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge, on the mainland side, at 1:30pm and we'll plan to head out around 1:45pm.

We will ride all the way to Scusset Beach (about 7 miles), stop for a quick break, then head back.  Plan for the ride to take around an hour and half, so we should be back around 3:30pm.  Everyone is welcome to join us, including adults!  Just a reminder that if adults would like to ride with the troop, you must also have a bicycle helmet.

Scouts should have with them (at a minimum):
  1. A bicycle helmet
  2. Full water bottles for their bikes
  3. A day pack with sunscreen and bug spray
  4. Snacks
We hope to see lots of riders!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Committee Meeting & Troop Meeting this Thursday, June 8th, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall - 6:00pm Committee / 7:00pm Troop

Hello Troop 20!  Please see below for this week's announcements and we'll see all of you at our Troop Meeting on Thursday!

Summer Camp:
  1. Medical forms are due to Mrs. Swindle.  Please make sure you get this taken care of.
  2. Attention Parents - At this weeks troop meeting, the Scouts will be choosing their merit badges for summer camp.  As we always say, parents are always welcome to attend our troop meetings but it would help to be at this weeks meeting, if you can, to assist your Scout with his merit badge choices for summer camp.  Scouts should always pick at least one Eagle required merit badge when making their selections. The full list will be available at the Troop Meeting.

Family Life:  Scouts should have their completed workbooks to turn into Mrs. Rebell or Mrs. Swindle, along with proof of their Family & Individual projects (before & after pictures, etc.).  For any Scout who is not done, please just continue to work on this over the summer.  Scouts who have completed the merit badge by this Thursday will receive their merit badge at the June 22nd Court of Honor.  Scouts who finish over the summer will need to check in with Mrs. Rebell or Mrs. Swindle at our first meeting in September, with their completed workbook and project proof, and they will receive their merit badge in the Fall.

Committee Meeting:  Our monthly Committee Meeting is this week at 6pm at the Parish Hall, followed by the Troop Meeting at 7pm.  Each sub-committee is asked to give a 2-minute update on their particular committee so that we can spend the majority of our time discussing the election process for Senior Patrol Leader for the upcoming year.  Elections for SPL will be held in September.  Continue to watch the blog for updates on how the election process will work and what will be required of the Scouts interested.

Nantucket Shakedown:  Just a reminder that we will be having a shakedown ride this Sunday, June 11th, at the Cape Cod Canal.  We will meet in the parking lot near the railroad bridge at 1:30pm.  Remember to bring a helmet, snacks, water, a day pack, sunscreen, and a hat.  Temperatures are expected to be warm (upper 80's).

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Troop Meeting this Thursday, June 1st, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall - 7:00pm

Hello Troop 20!   We hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!
Here are this week's announcements:

1)  As a general reminder, it is important that all Scouts attend every meeting and arrive on time as the end of year Court of Honor is coming up soon.

2)  Attention all Quartermasters:
  • If you are a quartermaster from this year, the SPL has asked that you please bring your binder to this week's Troop Meeting for your last Quartermaster session.  You will be turning in your binders at the Troop Meeting.
  • Quartermasters from last year, if you have an inventory of the Troop trailer, please make sure this gets to Eric ASAP.
3)  Blue Cards - Any blue cards for end of year merit badges must be turned in no later than the June 8th Troop Meeting so that we will have time to process them before the end of year Court of Honor.

4)  Family Life Merit Badge Participants - Please check in with Mrs. Rebell or Mrs. Swindle to go over your progress.

5)  Next week, there will be a committee meeting on Thursday June 8th at 6:00pm in the Parish Hall.  The Troop Meeting will be held at our regular time, 7:00pm, immediately following the committee meeting.

6)  Nantucket Shakedown Ride - We will be having a shakedown ride on Sunday, June 11th, at the Cape Code Canal.  We will meet in the parking lot near the railroad bridge at 1:30pm, weather permitting.

You will need a helmet, snacks, water, and a day pack.  Remember that the weather can be colder at the canal so please wear appropriate clothing.

7)  Nantucket Trip Reminder - Our Nantucket Trip is coming up fast! June 16th through June 18th.  Please remember that we will be loading the bikes on Thursday evening, June 15th, prior to our Troop Meeting.

More details and the final cost per scout will be provided in the coming days.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Middleborough Memorial Day Parade Cancelled

Hi Everyone.  Our apologies for such short notice but the Middleborough Police just announced on Facebook that the parade has been cancelled.

Enjoy the remainder of the holiday weekend and we will see everyone on Thursday for our regular Troop Meeting!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Troop Meeting this Thursday, May 25th, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall - 7:00pm

Hello Troop 20!  We hope everyone has a great month of May.  June is right around the corner!  We have a number of announcements again this week:

1)  Murdock Street - If you are planning on attending the Murdock Street campout this weekend (May 26-27), please email your SPL, Eric Grady, at so that he can account for food and anything else needed for the campout.

2)  If you are going to need a board of review before the end of the scouting year, please let Eric or Mr. Swindle know so that a date can be arranged.

3)  Family Life Merit Badge - Please check in with Mrs. Rebell or Mrs. Swindle.

4)  Memorial Day Parade - All scouts who do not have a school band commitment should be at the town hall for 9:30 in full class A uniform, with merit badge sash.

5)  Fundraising - Our Tastefully Simple Fundraiser runs through June 1st.  Please turn in order forms to Mrs. MacDonald either at this week's Troop Meeting or on June 1st.
SPECIAL INCENTIVE:  If our fundraising sales exceed $1000, a 10-meal dinner kit will be raffled off among anyone who places an order.
ALSO, PLEASE NOTE:  If anyone would like to book a home taste testing party off of Troop 20's fundraiser, our consultant will donate 50% of her commission to the Troop as well.
Remember, you can also invite friends and family to our online party at:

6)  Blue cards - Any blue cards for end of year merit badges must be turned in no later than the June 8 Troop Meeting, so that we will have time to process them before the end of year court of honor.

7)  As we head towards the end of the year, please remember that our next Troop Meeting will be Thursday, June 1st at 7:00pm at the Parish Hall and our next committee meeting will be Thursday, June 8th at 6:00pm followed by our regular Troop Meeting at 7:00pm.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Troop Meeting this Thursday, May 18th - Battis Field, 6:30pm

Hello Troop 20!  I hope everyone has a great week so far.  We have a lot of announcements this week so please read them carefully!

1)  Our troop meeting this week will be held at Battis Field from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.  Please Park at the Jackson street lot near the field.  Note that parking can only be accessed via Jackson Street.  Please see map below.

We will be holding an orienteering course for younger scouts that need these skills for rank advancement and it would be a really good refresher course for older scouts that may be a little rusty with their compass skills.  Scouts should have read the relevant section(s) of their handbook beforehand and be familiar with the concepts.  Please arrive for 6:30pm and we will wrap up at 8:30pm as usual.

Uniform for the night will be Class B and we ask that everyone please bring water (it will be warm) and bug spray!

2)  Deck Staining, Saturday May 20:  Mr. Gilson will be staining the decks at the Parish Hall and St. Joseph House on Saturday and he needs some scouts to help get the work done.  If you are available, please meet at the Parish Hall at 9:00am.  The plan is to have younger scouts help with the ramp at the Hall from 9:00am - 12:00pm and then older scouts to help with the deck from 1:00pm - 4:00pm.  Please bring water, snacks, sunscreen, some snacks, a hat, and most importantly, wear clothes you don't mind getting covered in stain!

3)  Preston Brown Eagle Project:  Preston will be attempting to wrap up his Eagle project this Saturday, May 20th, at the Middleborough Bus Depot in front of the town hall.  Time is planned to be 9:00am - 1:00pm.  He will be painting the building and finishing up the work to replace any remaining damaged wood.
Below are a few more pictures from this past Saturday when we replaced the old roof.  Enjoy!

4)  Camping at Murdock Street:  We are planning a brief camping trip to Murdock Street for Friday May 26 - Saturday May 27.  Drop-off and pickup times will be announced soon as we finalize details.  This is a great opportunity for scouts to complete requirements that they may need for rank advancement, such as patrol cooking.  We have also extended an invitation to the Pack so it's possible we may have some cub scouts there with us. 

If you are interested in attending, there will be a signup sheet available at the meeting Thursday.

5)  Memorial Day Parade:  Just a reminder that Troop 20 is a participant in the Middleborough Memorial Day Parade to honor those people who died while serving in our country's armed forces.  We ask that all scouts please plan to participate in this event.

The exception is for those scouts who are members of school bands.  Band participation is part of your grade so we understand that must take priority.

We will be lining up behind the town hall at 9:30am.  Parking and getting to/from the town hall can be a challenge the closer you get to the parade time because the police will start closing off roads so please plan accordingly.

Uniform is full class A with hats, neckerchiefs or bolo's, and merit badge sash if you have it. 

6)  Shakedown Bike Ride:  We are planning a shakedown ride for Sunday, June 11th at the Cape Cod Canal, weather permitting.  Times and further details will be posted to the blog in the coming weeks.  This is not a requirement to participate in the Nantucket Trip but it is a great opportunity, for the younger scouts who are planning to attend the Nantucket trip, to make sure their bikes and gear are in shape, they know the rules of the road, and they won't have any problems riding some moderate distances.  We strongly encourage it.  Even older scouts, who have been to Nantucket before, can benefit from this ride to make sure their bikes are still in serviceable condition.

Please note that all scouts must have a CPSC approved bike exceptions.  Parents are also welcome to ride with us but you must also have a helmet.

7)  Nantucket Trip:  Our trip to Nantucket is fast approaching.  (Friday June 16 through Sunday June 18).  Please note that at this time, the list of participants is locked down.

We will be loading bikes onto Mr. Holt's truck at the Troop Meeting on Thursday, June 15 so anyone going on the trip needs to be sure you have your bike there that evening so that it will make the ferry ride over.  We will be meeting Friday morning, on the 16th, at 6:00am at the Parish Hall and will be departing the hall at 6:30 to head to the ferry.

Please be sure to watch the blog over the next several weeks for any updates/changes to departure time, details regarding ferry times/schedules,  and plans for pickup Sunday evening.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Preston Brown's Eagle Project - Part 2

Hi Everyone.  Just a reminder that this Saturday will be the second half of Preston's Eagle Project at the Middleborough Bus Depot.  The roof is complete so this weekend will be painting and replacing the last pieces of damaged wood.  Hours will be from 9:00am - 1:00pm.  Preston would like to ask for volunteers to help with the work.  If you're able to, please stop by and help Preston wrap up his Eagle project!

Here's a great photo of our Troop 20 volunteers from last weekend!

Friday, May 12, 2017

REMINDER: Preston Brown's Eagle Project This Saturday, May 13th

Hi Everyone.  Just a quick reminder that Preston Brown will be working on his Eagle project this Saturday, May 13th from 9am - 2pm at the Bus Depot in front of the Middleborough Town Hall.

This Saturday, May 13th, the roof work will be taking place.  Preston is looking for a few older scout volunteers to help with this work.  Adults will be on hand to handle the work requiring ladders.  Please bring work gloves and safety glasses if you have them.

You don't have to be there the entire time so if you're available, come help a fellow scout on his path to Eagle and earn some service hours, which you all need anyway.

Hope to see some of you Saturday!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Committee Meeting, PLC Meeting, & Troop Meeting this Thursday, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall - 6:00pm Committee & PLC / 7:00pm Troop

Hello Troop 20!  I hope everyone has had a great week.  Here are this week's updates:

1)  This Thursday, 5/11, there will be a committee meeting at 6:00pm at the Parish Hall.  While that's going on, there will be a PLC.  ALL Patrol Leaders should plan to attend, along with ASPL's and the Troop Scribe.  We will be discussing an upcoming campout and the orienteering Merit Badge.

2)  Zombie Project:  A couple of week's back, Eric gave an assignment to each patrol to present a project he gave you.  Those presentations will be this week.  You will have 15 minutes beforehand to prepare.

3)  Family Life Merit Badge:  There are 4 weeks left.  Scouts need to check in with Mrs. Swindle or Mrs. Rebell to make sure their projects are on track to finish this month.

4)  Troop 20's Tastefully Simple Fundraiser will run through June 1st.  Please see Mrs. MacDonald if you did not receive a catalog, informational letter and order form at the last Troop Meeting.  Any scout that participates will get 25% of his total sales credited to his personal Scout Account.  Order forms can be turned in at any upcoming Troop Meeting on 5/11, 5/18, 5/25, or 6/1.  All families will be invited to our online party shortly, but anyone can shop the online party or post it to their Facebook Page by going to Troop 20's party link at

5)  We are tentatively working on scheduling time for a one night camping trip the last weekend in May (5/26 - 5/28).  Dates are still to be confirmed so stay tuned.  Our plan is for this to be an opportunity for those needing to do the orienteering requirement as well as any cooking requirement for First Class Rank.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Preston Brown's Eagle Project - Saturday, May 13th and May 20th

Preston Brown will be working on his Eagle project May 13th & May 20th.  He will be reconditioning the Bus Depot in front of the town hall in Middleboro.  This will consist of installing a new roof, repairing some of the siding that has rotted, painting, and general site cleanup.

On Saturday May 13th, the roof work will be taking place from 9am - 2pm.  Preston is looking for a few older scout volunteers to help with this work.  Adults will be on hand to handle the work requiring ladders.  Please bring work gloves and safety glasses if you have them. 

On Saturday May 20th, the painting and cleanup will be done from 9am - 2pm.  Preston will also be looking for some volunteers who can help paint and cleanup around the Bus Depot.  Please wear appropriate clothing and bring work gloves and safety glasses if you have them.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Troop Meeting this Thursday, May 4th, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall - 7:00pm

Hello Troop 20!  Here are this week's updates:

1)  Any backpackers who have a Troop tent need to make sure that it has been dried, cleaned, and returned to the Troop this week.

2)  Family Life Scouts should check in individually, at some point during the Troop Meeting, with either Mrs. Rebell or Mrs. Swindle to review their progress.

3)  Medical forms are due to Mrs. Swindle.  If you are not sure if you have turned one in, please see Mrs. Swindle Thursday night.  A complete medical form is parts A, B, & C along with a copy of the front and back of your medical insurance card.

4)  Final payment for Summer Camp is due this Thursday, 5/4.  If you have not paid IN FULL, you must see Mrs. Rebell or Mrs. O'Connor to either pay or discuss with them.

5)  Our Nantucket trip is coming up in June.  We will be having a couple of weekend checkout rides at the Cape Cod Canal to make sure everyone's bike is in good condition for Nantucket and that all of our Scout's attending are able to ride a reasonable distance and keep up with the Troop.  Dates and further details will be coming soon so keep reading the blog!

See you all Thursday evening!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

SkyZone Schedule Modification

For those Scouts going to SkyZone tonight, please be aware that our times got a little mixed up.  Here are the revised times:

6:45pm - Meet at SkyZone, NOT the food court.  We will be jumping first, then eating.  We will still have dinner at the food court, but we need to do SkyZone first.  We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause.

8:45pm - This is the revised pickup time for the Scouts.  Please plan to pickup your Scout at the Food Court inside the mall at 8:45pm.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bakpacking Update


Hello Troop 20 Backpackers!  Our backpacking trip for this coming weekend (4/21-4/23) is still a go!  Details below:

1.)  We will be meeting in the Parish Hall parking lot at 4:30pm Friday.  Not in front of the hall, in the lot in back.  Once everyone is present, we'll assign scouts to vehicles and leave as a group for Camp Cachalot (Dan Beard campsite).

2.)  Friday will be a little wet with showers predicted into the evening so we need all scouts prepared for the weather.  All scouts must have proper rain gear and footwear.  You should also have a rain cover for your backpack to keep things dry.
Examples of what is not proper rain gear:
  • Thin, disposable plastic ponchos that tear easily, like the kind you get at concerts and sports events.
  • A trash bag
  • A sweatshirt, etc.
You need to be able to keep yourself and your gear dry and we do not want to have to send anyone home so please embrace the Boy Scout Motto and Be Prepared.

3.)  All scouts must have 2 quarts (that's 64 liquid ounces) of water with them.  We will check Friday evening before we leave.

4.)  We will have dry firewood with us for a campfire.

5.)  Think carefully about your food choices.  Remember that you have to carry all of your gear and food so while that 38 oz. can of Dinty Moore beef stew may look appealing, that's a lot of weight to carry around and it will be a bear to heat.  Make use of the food options that Mr. Devine has discussed and shown you in the past.  Ounces add up to pounds!!

6.)  Saturday looks to be a pretty nice day so it will make up for Friday night.  Perfect for getting in lots of great backpacking! :-)

7.)  Pickup time on Sunday, at this time, is planned for 10:00am in the Parish Hall parking lot.  If anything changes, we'll get word out to parents via the blog so please make sure they know to check it Sunday morning or have a means to get in touch with your parents.

We're looking forward to a great weekend and we hope everyone is excited for a terrific trip, exploring Camp Cachalot!  See you all Friday!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

No troop meeting Thursday, 4/20 & SKY ZONE on Thursday 4/27

We hope everyone is enjoying their week off from school!

We have a couple of reminders for the week:

1)  There will be NO Troop meeting this week (4/20) due to the school vacation week.

2)  On Thursday 4/27, we will be having an offsite activity because the church hall is not available to us.  We will be meeting at SKY ZONE in Kingston.  Details are as follows:

In order to participate, everyone attending MUST complete a waiver form online.  To do this, please follow the link below and click on the 'FILL OUT WAIVER' button on the left side of the screen.  Please ignore the 'BUY TICKETS' button as Eric will be collecting money from each scout at the mall.

  • Everyone should meet in the food court at 6:45pm if you would like to get something to eat.  Scouts should bring their own money for food.
  • If you will not be eating at the mall, please plan to meet in the food court no later than 7:10pm so that we can move to SKY ZONE as a group.
  • Tickets for 1 hour of jumping will be $16 per scout.  Please be sure to bring this with you or you will not be able to participate.
  • Please RSVP to Eric Grady by Monday, April 24th so that Eric can provide SKY ZONE with the number of scouts that will be attending.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Committee Meeting, PLC Meeting, & Troop Meeting this Thursday, at Central Congregational Church - 6:00pm Committee & PLC / 7:00pm Troop

Hello Troop 20!  I hope everyone has been enjoying the great weather we've been having over the past few days.  Here are this weeks announcements:

1)  Due to Holy Week activities at Sacred Heart, we will be meeting this week at Central Congregational Church, 2 Webster street.  We can use the gym for our meeting but there will be tables setup in the gym that we have been asked not to move so please keep this in mind.

2)  There will be a green bar meeting this Thursday, before the troop meeting, at 6:00pm with the SPL.  ASPL's and Patrol leaders are asked to please attend.

3)  Backpackers - We have a 3 day trip coming up April 21 - 23.  Mr. Devine will be meeting with the backpackers.  All scouts attending the backpacking trip should bring their gear Thursday evening for equipment inspection, along with their meal plans.

Backpackers should all read the following document for information regarding our trip.

4)  Nantucket Island - We need a final headcount for who will be going on the trip this June.  If you are going, please sign-up this Thursday!!

5)  Medical Forms - If you have not given a current medical form to Mrs. Swindle, please bring her one ASAP or see her to discuss this Thursday!  We need parts A, B, & C plus a copy of the front and back of your medical insurance card.  Please take care of this!!

6)  Troop Meetings:
  • There will be no troop meeting next week, April 20, due to school vacation week.
  • The church hall is not available to us the following week, April 27th.  We will likely have an offsite activity that week so please stay tuned for further information as it becomes available.
We hope to see everyone at the Troop Meeting this Thursday!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Troop Meeting this Thursday, April 6th, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall - 7:00pm

Happy April Troop 20!  Here are this weeks announcements.

1)  Summer camp is fast approaching!  We will be at Camp Squanto again, the week of Aug 6th - August 12th.

Deposits were due on March 16th and so far, only a handful have been received.  If you are going to summer camp, and you all should be!, please bring a check for $50, made payable to 'Troop 20' this Thursday to reserve your spot.  We need to get a headcount & we need to work on adult coverage at Camp Squanto from leaders and parents.

2)  Our trip to Nantucket will be June 16th - June 18th.  If you are interested in attending, please sign up, on the sign-up sheet this week.  We will have a final cost for the trip shortly.

Details will also be forthcoming regarding the bike qualifier/shakedown ride.

IMPORTANT:  We leave early on Friday June 16th so scouts will miss a day of school.  Please plan accordingly.

3)  The Herring Run Festival is this weekend, April 8th & 9th.  The Troop will have a booth showcasing all of the great things we do.  We will also be fundraising by selling our meat snacks, candy bars, and granola bars.  There will be a sign-up sheet at the Troop Meeting Thursday night, for scouts to sign up for hours to attend and volunteer in the Troop 20 booth.  We need participation so please give some time to this!

4)  Family Life - Please bring your workbooks & worksheets Thursday so that you can meet with Mrs. Rebell & Mrs. Swindle on your progress.  There will also be a discussion about how to have a family meeting as this is one of the ongoing requirements.

See you all Thursday evening!

Monday, April 3, 2017

NYLT 2017 Graduates

Congratulations to Mark Swindle Jr., Alex Freitas, Ben Sanford, and Jacob Rebell who completed the 2017 NYLT program this past weekend at Camp Norse!  They did a fantastic job, despite the rain and snow!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Troop Meeting this Thursday, March 30th, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall - 7:00pm

Hello Troop 20!  We will have our regular troop meeting this week at 7:00pm - Sacred Heart Parish Hall.

  • Mrs. Swindle will be working with the Family Life merit badge participants so please be sure you have your course materials with you.

  • We are planning on having a booth at this years Herring Run Festival, for recruiting and fundraising.  The dates are April 8th & 9th.  Setup is from 7am-9am with the event running from 10:00am-4:00pm.  Breakdown will be 4pm-5pm.  Mrs. Swindle is coordinating this and will have more information as it becomes available.  There will be a signup sheet for participation, which ill include setup, event time, & breakdown.  We will be selling our usual meat snacks and candy bars along with having recruiting materials to talk with prospective new scouts who might be interested in joining Troop 20.

  • Please remember to have a pocket sized notebook (3x5) and a pen or pencil with you at all times.  This was not a one time event from last week!  Scouts should always be prepared with something to take notes as needed.  We recommend pocket sized so that it can literally, always be in your pocket.....not left on a table somewhere.

  • Backpacking:  For those scouts participating in the Backpacking Merit Badge, we are still planning our 5 day trip for the tail end of the April school vacation.  (April 19-23).  Patrols should be working on their planning tasks!

That's all for now.  See everyone on Thursday evening!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hike this Saturday, March 25th - 12:30pm at Pratt Farm

Weather permitting, we are planning to hit the trail at Pratt Farm this Saturday, March 25th, for a 5-mile hike.  The plan is to step off at 12:30pm.

Scouts must bring:
  1. Weather and season appropriate clothing
  2. Scout 10 Essentials
  3. Appropriate footwear
  4. A snack
  5. A full quart of water
A reminder announcement will be made at this Thursday's troop meeting.

At this time, the weather looks like it will be in the upper 40's with a shower possible.  If anything changes (weather, etc.) that would prevent us from hiking, we will post a cancellation notice, so keep an eye on the blog.

We hope to see lots of scouts there!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Troop Meetig this Thursday, March 23rd, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall - 7:00pm

Hello Troop 20!  We have a few announcements for this week:

1)  All scouts are requested to bring with them, a small pocket sized notebook and a pen or pencil to write with.

2)  Our newest troop member, Ricky Kent, will be having his pack crossover this Friday, March 24th at Carver High School - 6:30pm.  As with last week, if there are any troop 20 scouts who would like to participate to welcome Ricky to our family, we would ask that you please plan to be at Carver High School, 60 South Meadow Road #2, for 6:15 pm.

3) There will be a mandatory parents information meeting this Thursday night, March 23rd, at 7:00pm at the Parish Hall. The Scouts will be upstairs in the hall for their regular troop meeting while the Troop 20 leadership meets with the parents downstairs.  We need at least one parent or guardian to represent each scout.  While we understand that there may be circumstances where a parent cannot attend, we are asking that, in these situations, you please send an adult in your place to represent your family.
Thank you in advance!

4)  We expect to have an OA representative at the troop meeting to talk about the OA and elections.  More information should be available in the coming days from our Senior Patrol Leader, Eric Grady.

5)  Backpacking:  The scouts have been split into their operational control (Opcon) patrol so they should utilize their patrol time to work on the planning tasks that Mr. Devine pointed out to them.  Mr. Devine will get the planning document out to them via email and/or the blog.

6)  Hike:  Mr. Devine would like to do a hike this Saturday, March 25th.  We can do Betty's Neck, Pratt's, or Mad Mare's Neck.  We will have more details, such as meeting time, for the troop meeting.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Troop Meeting this Thursday, March 16th - Central Congregational Church

Reminder:  Our troop meeting this week will be held at 7:00pm at the Central Congregational Church, Middleboro.

Arrow of Light Crossover Ceremony - Also being held this Thursday, at the same time as our troop meeting, will be the Arrow of Light Crossover Ceremony at Bishop Feehan in Attleboro.  We need a few scouts from the troop to be present at the ceremony to stand at the end of the bridge and welcome our new scout from Carver, Ricky Kent, into the troop.

If any scouts are available to attend, please email Mr. Swindle today at or call him at 508-245-4136.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Canal Hike for Sunday 3/12 Postponed

The canal hike that Mr. Devine discussed at this Thursday's troop meeting has been postponed.  High temperatures for Sunday are not supposed to get out of the 20's and we don't know how clear the paths are along the canal.

We will re-schedule for a later date when the weather is more conducive to hiking the canal.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Committee Meeting, PLC Meeting, & Troop Meeting this Thursday, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall - 6:00pm Committee & PLC / 7:00pm Troop

We will be having a committee meeting this Thursday, 3/9, at 6:00pm in the Sacred Heart Parish Hall.  At this time, Eric will also be having a PLC meeting so we ask that all Patrol Leaders please show up at 6:00pm as well.

Immediately following the committee and PLC meetings, we will have our weekly Troop meeting at 7:00pm.

1)  We are asking ALL parents to please be present in the hall at 8:15pm, this Thursday, for announcements.

2)  The Family Life merit badge will be continuing this week so all scouts participating are reminded to please show up with their workbooks AND project ideas.

3)  Mr.. Devine will have additional information to share with our scouts participating in the Backpacking Merit Badge, during the troop meeting.

There is an opportunity, if we have enough interested scouts, for us to hold an amateur radio operators class.  This would consist of a series of classes that would culminate in the participating scouts taking their amateur radio license exam.  If they pass, they would become licensed amateur radio operators.
This would require a real commitment on the part of the scouts.  The class would run for about 6-7 weeks (once a week) and would require work and studying outside of the classroom.  In this weeks troop meeting, we would like to get a sense for how many scouts might be interested in this opportunity so that we can see if it's even possible.  I believe we would need a minimum of about 6-7 scouts to participate to make it worth the trainers coming out to give the classroom portion.  Please give this some thought and we will talk more at the troop meeting.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Summer Camp 2017

Hello everyone!  Hard to believe, but it's time for us to start thinking about, and preparing for, this years Summer Camp.  The Troop is registered for camp the first full week of August (Aug 6-12) at Camp Squanto, Plymouth.

IMPORTANT!  We need a minimum of 3 leaders / registered adults to attend the week of summer camp in order for our Scouts to attend.  We do have some flexibility so that coverage can be broken up by nights or a couple of days, but we need a commitment for coverage or we cannot send the Scouts.  If you can help provide leadership coverage, please contact Mr. Swindle so that we can plan who will be available and assess coverage for the week.  We really cannot stress this enough.  No adults means no summer camp.

Mrs. O'Connor & Mrs. Rebell will be organizing the sign-ups, medical forms, and payments.  We are estimating that the total cost for camp this year, including picture, will be between $375 - $425.  We're just waiting on an official amount from Camp Squanto.

For anyone going to camp this year, and this should be ALL of our scouts 😉, we will need a minimum $50 deposit by the March 16th troop meeting.  Full payment will be due no later than May 4th.  Please make all checks payable to 'Troop 20'.

Additional details regarding drop off & pickup will be forthcoming, along with a list of what your scout needs to bring to camp so stay tuned.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Red & Green Banquet and Court of Honor - Thursday, March 2nd, Sacred Heart Parish Hall

This Thursday will be our next Court of Honor along with our annual Red & Green Banquet for scouts and their families.  Start time will be 7:00pm at the Sacred Heart Parish Hall.

We are asking scouts to please show up at 6:15 to help setup

We Need Food! - We have a number of scouts who have signed up for the banquet but have not indicated what they plan to bring.  As a reminder, the Red & Green is a pot luck dinner so we really need to know what every family plans to bring.  Please contact Mrs. Swindle or Mr. Swindle ASAP to let them know what you will bring.  They can be reached via email:

REMINDER:  Our next committee meeting will be Thursday, March 9th at 6:00pm. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Troop Meeting this Thursday, Feb 16th - Sacred Heart Parish Hall

REMINDER:  We will be having our weekly troop meeting this Thursday, the 16th, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall at 7:00PM.

We have a number of announcements for this week so please read them carefully:

1)  We may have a prospective new scout coming to the troop meeting this week to see how things run at Troop 20.  We'd like all scouts to make him feel very welcome.  Our SPL will have activities planned for the meeting so that he can have an introduction to the troop and see some patrol work.

2)  There is no committee meeting for the month of February.  The next committee meeting will be Thursday, March 9th.

3)  We are asking all scouts to be in full class A uniform (hat, neckerchief, merit badge sash, scout handbook) for the troop meeting for uniform inspection.

4)  The Family Life Merit Badge class will be held at 7:30pm.  All scouts participating in the merit badge need to bring their workbooks, merit badge book, a list of chores they are doing at home, their family project idea, and their individual project idea.

5)  Scouts needing a board of review, in addition to being in full class A uniform, need to bring their scout binders for the review board.

6)  If any scouts have merit badge cards to turn in to our Advancement Chair, Mrs. Grady, you need to have them to turn in Thursday night.

7)  Troop 20 movie night has been re-scheduled to this Friday, February 17th at the Parish Hall.  The cost will be $10 per scout for pizza and ice cream sundaes.  If you are planning to attend, please be sure you have signed up on the sign-up sheet and plan to bring the $10 fee this Thursday or when you show up on Friday.  Arrival time is still TBD but we should have that info for everyone at the troop meeting.

8)  For everyone attending the Red & Green Banquet on Thursday, March 2nd, the banquet is Pot Luck so we really need scouts and their families to sign up to bring a dish to share for the meal.  Please plan to have that information with you on Thursday so that you can enter it on the sign-up sheet.  Remember, we really want to see a lot of family participation as this is also our mid-year court of honor to recognize those scouts who have earned merit badges and rank advancements.