Monday, February 27, 2017

Red & Green Banquet and Court of Honor - Thursday, March 2nd, Sacred Heart Parish Hall

This Thursday will be our next Court of Honor along with our annual Red & Green Banquet for scouts and their families.  Start time will be 7:00pm at the Sacred Heart Parish Hall.

We are asking scouts to please show up at 6:15 to help setup

We Need Food! - We have a number of scouts who have signed up for the banquet but have not indicated what they plan to bring.  As a reminder, the Red & Green is a pot luck dinner so we really need to know what every family plans to bring.  Please contact Mrs. Swindle or Mr. Swindle ASAP to let them know what you will bring.  They can be reached via email:

REMINDER:  Our next committee meeting will be Thursday, March 9th at 6:00pm. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Troop Meeting this Thursday, Feb 16th - Sacred Heart Parish Hall

REMINDER:  We will be having our weekly troop meeting this Thursday, the 16th, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall at 7:00PM.

We have a number of announcements for this week so please read them carefully:

1)  We may have a prospective new scout coming to the troop meeting this week to see how things run at Troop 20.  We'd like all scouts to make him feel very welcome.  Our SPL will have activities planned for the meeting so that he can have an introduction to the troop and see some patrol work.

2)  There is no committee meeting for the month of February.  The next committee meeting will be Thursday, March 9th.

3)  We are asking all scouts to be in full class A uniform (hat, neckerchief, merit badge sash, scout handbook) for the troop meeting for uniform inspection.

4)  The Family Life Merit Badge class will be held at 7:30pm.  All scouts participating in the merit badge need to bring their workbooks, merit badge book, a list of chores they are doing at home, their family project idea, and their individual project idea.

5)  Scouts needing a board of review, in addition to being in full class A uniform, need to bring their scout binders for the review board.

6)  If any scouts have merit badge cards to turn in to our Advancement Chair, Mrs. Grady, you need to have them to turn in Thursday night.

7)  Troop 20 movie night has been re-scheduled to this Friday, February 17th at the Parish Hall.  The cost will be $10 per scout for pizza and ice cream sundaes.  If you are planning to attend, please be sure you have signed up on the sign-up sheet and plan to bring the $10 fee this Thursday or when you show up on Friday.  Arrival time is still TBD but we should have that info for everyone at the troop meeting.

8)  For everyone attending the Red & Green Banquet on Thursday, March 2nd, the banquet is Pot Luck so we really need scouts and their families to sign up to bring a dish to share for the meal.  Please plan to have that information with you on Thursday so that you can enter it on the sign-up sheet.  Remember, we really want to see a lot of family participation as this is also our mid-year court of honor to recognize those scouts who have earned merit badges and rank advancements.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

CANCELLED: Committee Meeting and Troop Meeting for Thursday, February 9th

Due to the impending winter storm, the leadership of Troop 20 has decided that it would be in the best interest of everyone's safety to cancel this week's Committee Meeting and the following Troop Meeting for this Thursday, February 9th.  Our next Troop Meeting will be on Thursday, February 16th.

Our next Committee meeting will be March 9th.  If anyone has anything pressing, please reach out to Mrs. Swindle directly.

A few additional updates:

1)  The Red & Green banquet scheduled for Thursday the 16th is being re-scheduled to Thursday, March 2nd.  We will have additional details for everyone at our next Troop meeting.  Please remember to signup on the Sign-Up form at the next meeting and please indicate what you plan to bring for the pot luck dinner.

2)  Any Scouts expecting a board of review for rank advancement will have that at our next Troop Meeting on the 16th.  Please remember to bring your Scout Handbook, Scout Binder, and show up in full class A uniform with all of the correct patches, rank, etc. correctly attached to the uniform.

3)  Anyone interested in attending West Point this year (April 28, 29, 30) needs to get in touch with Mr.. Swindle no later than tomorrow evening, February 9th.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

TENTATIVE: Committee Meeting & Troop Meeting Thursday, at Central Congregational Church - 6:00pm Committee / 7:00pm Troop

Weather permitting, we are supposed to have a Committee Meeting and Troop Meeting this Thursday at the Central Congregational Church

The weather situation is changing quickly so please watch the blog for notification if we feel we need to cancel the meetings.

1) All Scouts participating in the Family Life Merit Badge should remember to bring their merit badge book & workbook as they will need them to work with Mrs. Rebell & Mrs. Swindle.

2) This years Red & Green banquet will be held next Thursday, February 16th.  We need Scouts to sign up for Red & Green with what food they plan to bring.  If you are bringing a hot dish in a crock pot, etc. we recommend bringing an extension cord.

3) Movie night is currently planned for Friday, 2/17, starting at 5PM at the Parish Hall.  Pickup will be Saturday morning no later than 10:00AM.  Look for more info on the blog in the coming days.

4) Scouts need to make sure they have signed up for the Nantucket trip if they are planning on attending.

5) Any Scouts interested in attending West Point, April 28-30, needs to let Mr. Swindle or Mr. Holt know by this Friday, 2/10.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Scout Sunday - February 5th

This Sunday, February 5th, is Scout Sunday.  The Troop will not be having an event this year at Sacred Heart Parish so for any scouts wishing to participate, they are encouraged to attend their own church in their Class A uniform.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Troop Meeting this Thursday, February 2nd - Sacred Heart Parish Hall

REMINDER:  We will be having our weekly troop meeting this Thursday, the 2nd, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall at 7:00PM.

Mr. Devine will be offering some map reading / orienteering work for any scouts interested in participating.