Wednesday, July 31, 2013



  •  Scouts should have a re‐usable water bottle, daypack/backpack, watch, hat, two pair of shoes (hiking/rugged sneaker ok) Camp Squanto - What to Bring
  •  Clothing, at least one Class A to wear on arrival and meals, other clothing should be scout‐like, no offensive or disrespectful t‐shirts. Logo type shirts ok if the logo is minimal.
  • All scout gear should be able to fit into one footlocker.
  • Absolutely NO electronics will be allowed per Camp Squanto (cell phone, IPods or hand-held games).  The only exception to this rule is for leaders who may have cell phones.
  • Troop pictures will be taken on Monday - if you wish to have a Troop picture, they are $13.00 (please bring exact change if possible).

VERY IMPORTANT!  If you have a scout who will be bringing medication, it must be the medication that is listed on the health form that was turned in.  Please be sure to send enough for the entire week.  All medication must be in the original prescription bottles and match what is listed on the form and be placed in a clear, plastic, ziploc bag.  This bag should NOT be in the scout's footlocker.  The scout's name, Troop 20 and Week 6 must be legibly written on the plastic bag with permanent marker.  If the scout is bringing an inhaler or over the counter allergy medications, they MUST be in a sealed package so the medical staff can be sure it is what is listed on the box.  
If the scout needs an inhaler or Epi-Pen, they will require 2.  One to stay with the scout, one to stay in the plastic bag with the camp medical team as a backup.  Permission to carry form to be filled out for either inhaler or Epi-Pen is here:  Inhaler/Epi-Pen

IF YOUR SCOUT IS BRINGING MEDICATION, YOU MUST STAY WITH THEM UNTIL THEY COMPLETE CHECK IN WITH THE CAMP MEDICAL STAFF.  If there have been any medication changes since your form was completed, you must be prepared to discuss this with the camp medical staff and  have an updated Part A of the medical form ASAP.
All un‐used meds will be returned in the plastic bag that accompanied the scout to camp.  To help the medical staff follow your son’s medicine distribution please fill out the following form and bring to camp along with the plastic bag:
 Link Medical Administration Form

Any questions on how medicine is handled at Squanto please review their medical guide:
Camp Squanto Medical Guide

  • All meals are provided to the scouts. Camp Store is available for souveners, scout gear, kits for merit badges and snacks. How much you give to your son is at your discretion.
  • Some Merit Badges require supplies that are available at the Camp Store or a fee for use such as ammunition for shot gun shooting see below
  • Leather works kits for those taking the merit badge $3.00‐$8.00
  • Basketry kits for those taking the merit badge $5.00‐$11.00
  • Indian Lore kits available $10.00‐$15.00
  • Woodcarving kits for those taking the merit badge $2.00‐$5.00
  • Shotgun shooting fee for those taking the merit badge $5.00
  • Robotics kits for those taking the merit badge $10.00 ‐$40.00
  • Electronics $10.00
  • We want to encourage the scout to be eating the meals that camp provides
  • Snacks can be sent along with the scout , please be mindful of “A Scout is Physically Strong” avoid a lot of junk food
  • Snacks will need to stay in the troop trailer. no food is permitted in tents

  • There will be no Troop transportation provided.  Carpooling in encouraged.
  • Scouts need to arrive at Squanto no earlier than 1:00 PM and  no later than 2:00 PM.
  • There will be a drop off area in the parking lot for the trunks.  Find a sign in the parking lot that says "COMANCHE".  This is where the Troop will gather.
  • Please be advised that no dogs are allowed at Camp Squanto at any time - so please do not bring your dog to drop off or pickup.
  • Please wear Class A uniform to drop off (shirt, neckerchief, slide and hat).  Also, you must wear a bathing suit to drop off as the swimming tests will be done first thing.  It is also suggested that you bring a hanger for your uniform shirt, to keep it in good shape for the entire week
  • Class A will be worn on for arrival and meals.  No offensive or disrespectful t-shirts will be allowed. logo type shirts are fine if the logo is minimal.
  • Families are invited to tour the campsite until 6:00 PM on Sunday.
  • Troop 20 will be at the Comanche site; in case of emergency - the phone number at Camp Squanto is (508) 224-2010.
  • Link for directions to Camp


Wednesday night is camp visitation night (7:00 - 10:00), but no meal will be provided.  If you want to eat, you must bring your own food.  It is suggested that if possible, parents do not visit, as by Wednesday the boys are just getting used to the routine and having a visit from family may create a scout to be homesick if it is their first time away from home.

  • Scouts must be picked up no later than 10:30 AM.
  • Carpooling is encouraged.  Please let the Scoutmaster know ahead of time which Scout is not being picked up by a parent.
  • Families can arrive as early as 9:00 AM to watch the closing activities.
If you have any questions that have not been covered here, please email Mrs. Franey at 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Merit Badge Mania

Camp Norse will be hosting a merit badge weekend on August 16th-18th
Please use the link below to register.  There is a course listing provided on the registration page
Troop 20 will have its regular site #8

As I receive more information I will pass it along

Link to Merit Badge Registration

Mr Lamoureux will be teaching the fire safety course and
Mr Cassady will be teaching the disability awareness course.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

10 Mile Hike Sunday

There will be a 10 mile hike this Sunday-28th for those boys still needing a to fill this requirement for the hiking merit badge.
7:00AM start time at the parish hall.

Details will be coming soon on the 20 mile hike so stay tuned!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Thank you

Mr. McKeon would like to thank the following people for their help this past weekend.....

Mrs. Wilbur, Thomas Devine and his father Mr. Devine.

Mike Rowe keynote speaker for National Jamboree

See a video of his speech at the Stadium show at the National Jamboree

Mike Rowe's speech at the 2013 NSJ

The Dirt Patrol  -  Work Smart AND Hard

BTW I continue to add to my blog on a somewhat regular basis as well as add new photos

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mr McKeon is looking for help

Not going on the hike?
Looking for service time?
Like Ice Cream Sundaes?
here's a way to get both in one shot!
Mr. McKeon will be helping out at the Middleborough Historical Associations fundraiser this Sunday. If you OR YOUR FAMILY would like to help with set up, games with the kids and or clean up, you will get service time, and for your hard work, a free sundae. 
It's at the MHA museum grounds, behind the police station, and he will be there at 12 to set up and the event runs from 1:30 - 4 pmRAIN or SHINE. (though it looks to be a beautiful day) You can find Mr McKeon or find Cynthia McNair of the MHA to volunteer. Thanks in advance! questions, call him at508-496-8654. If you come to help, please be sure and put on sunscreen!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

10 Mile Hike this Sunday

There will be a 10 mile hike this Sunday the 21st
Please arrive at the Parish Hall for a 6:30AM start time
This hike will be through the town.
Bring plenty of WATER and a HAT

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

From the Jamboree

Mr B's jamboree blog
Check into my blog periodically during the next week for updates from the jamboree

Monday, July 8, 2013

2013 Summer Camp info

26 days and counting till summer-camp  August 4-10


  • Camp Squanto has answered some FAQ about Summer Camp on their website: Parents Guide
  • If you want a troop photo that will be taken on our arrival at camp let Mr Lamoureux know.  The cost will be $12
  • Your son should arrive at camp with his Class A uniform on
  • Travel arrangements: Stay Tuned
  • If your son is taking medicine along with him to camp (even over the counter!) please fill this form out and return when you drop off your locker the week prior to camp: Medicine Administration Form
  • All prescribed medicines need to be in their pharmacy container
  • All OTC medicines need to be in their UNOPENED container
  • Enough medicine for the full week should be delivered at locker drop-off date in a clear zip-lock type bag with the scout's name clearly written.  This medicine will be held and distributed by the Camp medical staff.  All un-used medicine will be returned.
  • If your son needs to carry an epi-pen or inhaler please fill this form out and return when you drop off your locker the week prior to camp: Epi-Pen / Inhaler Form
  • If your son needs to carry an epi-pen or inhaler a second epi-pen or inhaler should be dropped off at locker drop off date in a clear zip-lock type bag with the scout's name clearly written as a backup to be held at the Camp medical office
  • If you have any question about Camp Squanto Medical procedures or rules : Squanto Medical Guide

Medicine distribution will be scheduled with the scout and camp medical staff at check-in.  It will be the scout's responsibility to arrive at the Health Lodge according to the scouts agreed upon medicine distribution schedule.
The below is from the Camp Medical guide:
What happens if my scout misses his medication?
All medications are prescribed for a reason. Those that are prescribed to be taken daily (or multiple times during a day) are necessary for the patient’s well-being.
Therefore, the following procedures are in place when a scout misses his medication:

  • First Time – The camper’s Scoutmaster is informed
  • Second Time – The camper’s parent is called
  • Third Time – The camper is sent home.

Scouts who repeatedly miss their medications present a significant medical danger to themselves. These boys cannot remain in camp for their own safety.


This is what your daily schedule will be like: Squanto Daily Schedule

What to Pack:  Recommended Packing List
Info on Locker and Mosquito Net

For those scouts who have forgotten what Merit Badge classes they've chosen: Troop 20 Merit Badge Choices

The classes that are being offered at Squanto: Merit Badge Schedule

If you'd like to switch classes, let Mr Lamoureux know ASAP

Some Classes have pre-work or supplies that can be brought or purchased at camp
Example Shotgun MB you'll need to purchase the Shotgun shells at camp
Merit Badge pre-work information found here

Friday, July 5, 2013

Cryus Eagle Project Request

Cryus needs help tomorrow with his eagle project from 9 to 12. It is the parsonage across from the yellow ncc church. The address of the church is 38 plymouth street. Thanks

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

10 mile Hike Saturday

7AM meet at Parish Hall - Saturday
The hike will be through town
Bring plenty of water, hat, sunscreen etc.