Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Camporee Catapult build

As you know, this Thursday we will need to meet at an alternate site.
Nathan's Dad, Mr Thorson has agreed to host the troop meeting at his business, plans are to build a catapult for this weekend's Camporee competition.  
Thank You Thorsons

125 Fireworks Circle Suite #1Bridgewater, MA

Some of the work will need to take place outside, so to take advantage of as much daylight hours we will begin at 6:30.  Please bring a safety goggles, work gloves, a hammer if you have one.   Judging will be both on distance that the catapult can hurl a softball as well as how "scout-like" the design, such as proper knots and lashings, decoration, etc.  If you have some ideas, bring them with you.

We will also be discussing plans for the weekend as there are other competitions, such as cooking, fire building, etc.

If you plan to be at camporee, plan to be at Thursday's meeting.

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