Monday, February 16, 2015

Game Night - Friday, February 20th

This Friday, February 20th is Game Night at Parish Hall.  Drop-off time is 6:00 PM.and all scouts may attend.  Food will not be provided, so scouts need to bring their own snacks and drinks.  If they wish to order pizza, it will to bring at least $5.00 per scout.

Any scout can bring game consoles and TVs/monitors.  Also feel free to bring handheld game systems and phones.

Scouts not spending the night will need to be picked up before the security system is reset, by
10:00 PM.

Pickup time is 7:00 AM sharp and scouts are expected to help clean up the hall before pickup time.

Please monitor the blog over the week in case game night has to be postponed due to weather related issues.

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