Monday, July 27, 2015

Important Updates - Camp Squanto

Summer Camp begins this Sunday, August 2nd.  Site and drop off information will be posted tomorrow, but Troop 20 will be camping in the Comanche site.  As a reminder, please check this list 
to make sure you pack everything that will be needed.

SNACKS - We want to encourage scouts to eat the meals that the camp provides.  The Camp Store is available for souvenirs, scout gear and snacks.  Snacks can be sent along with the scout (we discourage junk food).  Snacks must stay in the troop trailer - NO FOOD IS PERMITTED IN TENTS.  ALL SNACKS MUST BE PLACED IN SEALED PLASTIC CONTAINER WITH THE SCOUT'S NAME WRITTEN IN PERMANENT MARKER ON THE CONTAINER.

MEDICATION - VERY IMPORTANT - If you have a scout who will be bringing medication, it must be the medication that is listed on the health form that was turned in.  Please be sure to send enough for the entire week.  All medications must be in the original prescription bottles and match what is listed on the form, and be placed in a clear, plastic, ziploc bag.  This bag should NOT be in the scout's footlocker.  The scout's name, Troop 20 must be legibly written on the plastic bag with permanent market.  If the scout is bringing an inhaler or over the counter allergy medications, the should be in the original box (the box can be opened if it contains blister-pack pills, as the medication name will be listed on the back of the blister-pack).  If the scout requires an inhaler or Epi-Pen, they will require two - one to stay with the scout and one to stay in the plastic bag with the camp medical team as a backup.   IF YOUR SCOUT IS CARRYING MEDICATION, A PARENT/GUARDIAN MUST STAY WITH THEM UNTIL THEY COMPLETE CHECK IN WITH THE CAMP MEDICAL STAFF.  If there have been any medication changes since your medical form was completed, you must be prepared to discuss this with the camp medical staff.  All unused medications will be returned in the plastic bag that accompanied the scout to camp.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me at

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