Friday, October 16, 2015

Washburn Island - PLEASE READ!

The overnight trip to Washburn Island for tomorrow is on - BUT WE NEED AN EXACT COUNT OF WHO IS ATTENDING.  This is an approximately 3 mile trip in a canoe or kayak - everyone attending must be able to complete this kind of trip.  If you ARE attending - please call or text Mrs. Melchin at (508) 631-9194 by 7:00 PM TONIGHT so we can get an accurate count.

Also, the Troop will provide only water - no food for this trip.  There will be hot water if needed, but you must bring your own meals and mess kits.  There will be no paper goods or silverware - so you must bring your mess kit.

The departure time is 7:00 AM tomorrow morning at the Parish Hall parking lot.  Please plan on arriving no later than 6:45 AM.

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