Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Help requested

John Boersdamm's Sister and Mr B's Daughter Beth, is working to complete her Girl Scout Gold Award which is the equivalent of the Boy Scout Eagle Rank.  Beth is also one of the Vice Presidents of Crew 20.  She is asking for some assistance with her Gold Award project.

Her project is to paint Middleboro school nurses offices with cheerful artwork to help when students need to visit the nurse.

This week's schedule (4/19 - 4/22) is:
Tues 8 - 2:30 at the MECC for Manual Labor
Wed 8 - 2:30 at the MECC for Artistic Work
Thurs 8 - 2:30 at the NMS for Manual Labor
Fri 8 - 2:30 at the NMS for Artistic Work

Manual Labor will be moving of furniture, cleaning and priming of walls, etc
Artistic Work will be painting of the murals for those of you who have artistic talents

Please contact Mr B by email if you are interested in helping

The remaining Middleboro schools will be scheduled for some time in June

Thank You

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