Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Camp

Calling all Summer Camp Boy Scouts!  We are still missing several medical forms and payments for summer camp which starts in less than two weeks on August 7th.  More details will be coming about drop off on August 7th, but we need those medical forms and payments immediately!  Mr. Lamoureux and Mr. Swindle will be attending a camp pre-meeting in the next week and we need all those forms in.  Any Scout's form that is not received by August 3rd may be delayed with check in and the start of camp.  If you have some type of issue that is delaying the new forms being given to Mrs. Swindle by the deadline, please email her at or call/text her on her cell at (508) 930-4889.  Thanks in advance.
Regarding electronics, Troop 20 Boy Scouts will be allowed usage under limited conditions. Usage will include being allowed to communicate with parents/guardians and to take photos if they would like. The time for usage will be after all activities, dinner and all camp site related responsibilities are complete. Time usage will be up to 8:00 PM. After 8:00 PM, all devices will be taken and locked in the troop trailer. It will be at the discretion of Mr. Swindle and Mr. Lamoureux if such devices are being abused, and should such abuse be discovered, those devices will be collected and perhaps parents/ guardians will be contacted as well.  It is up to the Scoutmaster to determine if further parental notice will be required, to also include removal from camp.
We want everyone to have a great time and to make lots of memories but all Scouts need to be respectful of each other and the leadership donating their time.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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