Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Upcoming Week & Announcements

Reminder – 1st Committee & Troop Meetings of the year will be held on Thursday, 9/15.  The location is Central Congregational Church located at 2 Webster Street, Middleboro, MA.  The Committee Meeting will be at 6pm and the Troop Meeting will be at 7pm.  At the Committee Meeting we hope to elect a new Scoutmaster as we have a couple of people interested.  If you are interested in the Scoutmaster position, please prepare a letter of interest and see the details below on the blog post from 8/18. 
We are still in need of an Advancement Chair & an Activities Chair.  If you are interested in assisting the Troop, please reach out to a leader or Sherri Swindle directly.  Please see blog post from 8/18 for more details on these positions.

We have several Scout positions available within Troop 20 which should give a variety of boys an opportunity at leadership.  These are the positions & a brief description that have been identified at this point.  If you are interested in any of these positions or have a suggestion for an additional position, please let Senior Patrol Leader, Eric Grady know as soon as possible. 

Patrol Leader – 13-15 years old, must be First Class or above.  Plans & leads patrol meetings at a high level while keeping the patrol & it’s objective on task to completion.  Shows up at 6pm when Committee Meetings are held so that the Patrol Leader can take part in the Patrol Leader’s Conference.  Be a good example for your patrol by being enthusiastic, organized & confident.

Quartermaster -  There will be one Quartermaster in each patrol.  Must be super organized and have a commitment to the position.  Must report to the Quartermaster Advisor every 4 weeks for a Quartermaster Meeting.  A meeting during each month will be chosen for the Quartermaster Meeting.

Scribe – Shows up to all Patrol Leader Conferences and takes minutes for each meeting which need to be typed and given to the SPL the following week.  Also takes attendance at each meeting.

Webmaster – assists Troop leadership with posts on the blog and/or webpage and assists with overall layout of information to be shared electronically with the Troop via the blog or webpage.

Librarian – Organizes resources available to the Troop including but not limited to merit badge books.  Assist with loaning out the Troop’s current inventory of merit badge books & makes recommendations to the SPL & Committee on resources or books that should be purchased to update our inventory.

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