Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Medical Forms Needed for Fall Cranboree

REMINDER:  Per BSA policy, all participants (youth or adult) that plan on attending a weekend camping trip of less than 72 hours, must have a completed health and medical record (Parts A & B).  That means that all Scouts who are planning to attend the Fall Cranboree this weekend (Nov 11,12, & 13), must have a current medical form (Parts A & B) on file with the troop.  For this weekend, you only need parts A & B but the troop would like to have Part C as part of our records if you have it available.  If not, that's ok for this weekend. 

If you have forms to hand in, please bring them to this Thursday's Troop Meeting as we will be cross checking the Cranboree signups with the troops records.  Any Scout who does not have a medical form on file will not be permitted to attend.

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