Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Committee Meeting, PLC Meeting, & Troop Meeting this Thursday, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall - 6:00pm Committee & PLC / 7:00pm Troop

We will be having a committee meeting this Thursday, 3/9, at 6:00pm in the Sacred Heart Parish Hall.  At this time, Eric will also be having a PLC meeting so we ask that all Patrol Leaders please show up at 6:00pm as well.

Immediately following the committee and PLC meetings, we will have our weekly Troop meeting at 7:00pm.

1)  We are asking ALL parents to please be present in the hall at 8:15pm, this Thursday, for announcements.

2)  The Family Life merit badge will be continuing this week so all scouts participating are reminded to please show up with their workbooks AND project ideas.

3)  Mr.. Devine will have additional information to share with our scouts participating in the Backpacking Merit Badge, during the troop meeting.

There is an opportunity, if we have enough interested scouts, for us to hold an amateur radio operators class.  This would consist of a series of classes that would culminate in the participating scouts taking their amateur radio license exam.  If they pass, they would become licensed amateur radio operators.
This would require a real commitment on the part of the scouts.  The class would run for about 6-7 weeks (once a week) and would require work and studying outside of the classroom.  In this weeks troop meeting, we would like to get a sense for how many scouts might be interested in this opportunity so that we can see if it's even possible.  I believe we would need a minimum of about 6-7 scouts to participate to make it worth the trainers coming out to give the classroom portion.  Please give this some thought and we will talk more at the troop meeting.

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