Monday, March 20, 2017

Troop Meetig this Thursday, March 23rd, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall - 7:00pm

Hello Troop 20!  We have a few announcements for this week:

1)  All scouts are requested to bring with them, a small pocket sized notebook and a pen or pencil to write with.

2)  Our newest troop member, Ricky Kent, will be having his pack crossover this Friday, March 24th at Carver High School - 6:30pm.  As with last week, if there are any troop 20 scouts who would like to participate to welcome Ricky to our family, we would ask that you please plan to be at Carver High School, 60 South Meadow Road #2, for 6:15 pm.

3) There will be a mandatory parents information meeting this Thursday night, March 23rd, at 7:00pm at the Parish Hall. The Scouts will be upstairs in the hall for their regular troop meeting while the Troop 20 leadership meets with the parents downstairs.  We need at least one parent or guardian to represent each scout.  While we understand that there may be circumstances where a parent cannot attend, we are asking that, in these situations, you please send an adult in your place to represent your family.
Thank you in advance!

4)  We expect to have an OA representative at the troop meeting to talk about the OA and elections.  More information should be available in the coming days from our Senior Patrol Leader, Eric Grady.

5)  Backpacking:  The scouts have been split into their operational control (Opcon) patrol so they should utilize their patrol time to work on the planning tasks that Mr. Devine pointed out to them.  Mr. Devine will get the planning document out to them via email and/or the blog.

6)  Hike:  Mr. Devine would like to do a hike this Saturday, March 25th.  We can do Betty's Neck, Pratt's, or Mad Mare's Neck.  We will have more details, such as meeting time, for the troop meeting.

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