Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bakpacking Update


Hello Troop 20 Backpackers!  Our backpacking trip for this coming weekend (4/21-4/23) is still a go!  Details below:

1.)  We will be meeting in the Parish Hall parking lot at 4:30pm Friday.  Not in front of the hall, in the lot in back.  Once everyone is present, we'll assign scouts to vehicles and leave as a group for Camp Cachalot (Dan Beard campsite).

2.)  Friday will be a little wet with showers predicted into the evening so we need all scouts prepared for the weather.  All scouts must have proper rain gear and footwear.  You should also have a rain cover for your backpack to keep things dry.
Examples of what is not proper rain gear:
  • Thin, disposable plastic ponchos that tear easily, like the kind you get at concerts and sports events.
  • A trash bag
  • A sweatshirt, etc.
You need to be able to keep yourself and your gear dry and we do not want to have to send anyone home so please embrace the Boy Scout Motto and Be Prepared.

3.)  All scouts must have 2 quarts (that's 64 liquid ounces) of water with them.  We will check Friday evening before we leave.

4.)  We will have dry firewood with us for a campfire.

5.)  Think carefully about your food choices.  Remember that you have to carry all of your gear and food so while that 38 oz. can of Dinty Moore beef stew may look appealing, that's a lot of weight to carry around and it will be a bear to heat.  Make use of the food options that Mr. Devine has discussed and shown you in the past.  Ounces add up to pounds!!

6.)  Saturday looks to be a pretty nice day so it will make up for Friday night.  Perfect for getting in lots of great backpacking! :-)

7.)  Pickup time on Sunday, at this time, is planned for 10:00am in the Parish Hall parking lot.  If anything changes, we'll get word out to parents via the blog so please make sure they know to check it Sunday morning or have a means to get in touch with your parents.

We're looking forward to a great weekend and we hope everyone is excited for a terrific trip, exploring Camp Cachalot!  See you all Friday!

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