Friday, January 6, 2017

Crew Meeting - January 8th 6pm

The next Crew Meeting will be on Sunday, January 8th at 6pm in the Rectory House of the church at 340 Center St in Middleboro, Ma.

At the last meeting it was decided by the Youth to join with Venture Crew 20 and make one strong crew instead of two weak crews.

Several things have happened that helped to make this decision.  The existing Youth Leadership is gone and a new Group of Adults will be helping to advise the crew.

The plan is to have elections and pick a new Youth Leadership. 

That being said we encourage everyone to be at this meeting so that all issues and concerns can be addressed.

After elections we would like to plan some events for the future (trips or activities) and start to get the crew more active.

Please make sure you bring your membership applications if you have not turned them into me as I need all of them to register the crew.  If you are new to scouts or have turned 18 and not registered with your troop the cost for registration for the 2017 the cost is $24.  If you are still registered in troop you are all set.

If you have someone that would like to join the crew please feel free to invite them.

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